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The Drew Marshall Show [08.09.2018]

Drew Marshall and Elan Divon Podcast June 9 2018

In this candid interview with Drew Marshall, Elan opens up about his moment of ‘awakening’ and goes on to talk about a host of topics from Millennials, to personal transformation, his Initiation philosophy, and combating stress and depression.

0-10 Elan shares his personal story and moment of awakening

11:44 – 14:00 The most important relationship you have in your life is…

18:07 – 20:22 why millennials have it rough and skills that will help them (and all of us) thrive in an ever-changing world

22:00 – 25:40 Summary of the initiation philosophy

27:50 ‘The only way out is in.’ A candid discussion about stress, anxiety and depression.

31:40 How do people change? the secret ingredient

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