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Everyone has a transformational moment in life.
A moment that awakens, inspires, triggers, or teaches a valuable lesson.
Mine came while on a date having ice cream…

I was 20 years old; a combat soldier in the Israeli army who had just returned home from the front. I had seen a lot of action and was excited to be on a date with a beautiful girl. After sitting down at a street side café for lunch my date turned to me and asked: “do you mind if we grab an ice-cream instead”? Sure.

We got up and walked to a nearby creamery and placed our orders. It was a beautiful day with street music wafting in the background and kids walking home from school. As we sat and flirted between caramel crunch and chocolate chip mint, BOOM…

We froze. What was that?

Then another BOOM. And another closer still…just 10-15 yards away. Screams erupted. Followed by pandemonium, chaos, terror and destruction. It was all instinct and adrenaline now… and we were running for our lives…

After the dust settled, I learned the full extent of what happened. This was a triple suicide bombing in downtown Jerusalem. Hundreds of people were injured. Many killed. Two, from the very restaurant and patio table we had visited moments before making the switch.

By a random split-second decision we were alive…

The experience forced me to ask a few questions:
“Why am I here? Do I have a purpose? And if so, what is it?”
My life had posed a question…and now I had to answer it.

After the army, I left behind everyone and everything I knew to study abroad, and later quit a lucrative job in Manhattan in search of answers.

I invested my entire life savings in the pursuit of a passion for spirituality and ancient wisdom, and went on to study archaeology, anthropology at Brandeis University, and later comparative religion at Harvard.

I wanted to understand the universe, but more importantly the inner workings of the human psyche.

Elan Divon The Initiation

But just as I began to doubt my journey and what I would do with it all, Eureka! A pattern emerged….a golden thread weaving together the lives of the mythological heroes I was studying and modern day artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers.

I discovered the path of “Initiation:” a road map to personal growth that seemed to hold the key to human possibility itself. It was a road map that charted the outward unfolding of the human spirit. And it was unfolding in my life as well.

Since discovering this roadmap I’ve been sharing it with the world.
I’ve worked with CEO’s, business leaders, billionaires, as well as the homeless…. Directed a Peace Camp for Palestinian and Israeli teenagers, traveled the world and most recently co-founded the Einstein Legacy Project; a global initiative that helps find and empower the world’s next generation of creative minds.
And now my goal is to help YOU!
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