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"A bootcamp for your soul"

"A game changer!"



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If you are tired of hitting a wall, tired of being paralyzed by fear, or are looking for greater purpose, your soul mate, your next career move, or have had enough of the same old status quo – this workshop series was MADE FOR YOU.

People don’t change because they ‘see the light.’ People change because they feel the fire, the heat. Knowing what it takes to accomplish your goals won’t get you the results. There are a lot of people who want to lose weight or quit smoking, or live a healthier lifestyle but seldom do. You need a trigger. Something that compels you to action. That ignites a fire within.


This workshop series will give you one. Consider The Spark a boot-camp for your soul. Its a workshop series that will allow you to see what’s holding you back while giving you tools and the strategies to push right through it!


Everything you’ve learned about who you are and what you are capable of has been handed to you by other people: Your parents, your community, your culture, your current job, coupled with your own (learned) limiting belief systems hold you in a ‘fixed horizon of possibility.’

Breaking through these limiting models is the first step towards transformation. With The Spark, you will discover four models that hold all people back. You will also learn the most important action needed in order to break-through them.

Over seven workshops we will identify these four models (or barriers) that are holding you back, work on the skills and character traits you’ll need to overcome them, and develop strategies as well as tools for moving your life in the direction of your authentic aspirations and dreams.

We are going to break-through to the greatest you!


You will never be as young as you are NOW.
This is not a dry run or a dress rehearsal.
This is YOUR LIFE.
And you can change it.
Let’s take that first step…
  • Clarity

  • Understand the forces and beliefs holding you back and preventing you from living your potential.
  • Tools

  • Learn daily rituals and practices that will condition your mind, body and spirit for the journey that starts the day AFTER the program ends.
  • A Road Map

  • Develop a road map that charts where you are going, why you are going there, and what you’ll need for your journey. You’ll also gain a sense of purpose and clarity around your core values.
  • Wisdom

  • In one week, you will learn everything I struggled to figure out through years of military service, non-profit and executive leadership, research at Harvard and Brandeis Universities, and working with some of the greatest minds and influencers on the planet.
  • Mindset

  • Feel more centered, empowered, self-assured and excited about your future! And develop a mind set that will lead you (with a lot of hard work) to greater self-mastery.
  • Community

  • To change you need a support system. A community of people who will push you when the going gets tough and you want to give up. By the end of this workshop, you will have one. Through our unique partnering and accountability system you will be matched with another participant for the duration of the program and beyond.

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WORKSHOP #1 - Crossing the First Threshold: Separating from your Creators!
  • Understand the role your father / mother / family plays in shaping your identity and what you believe is possible
  • Learn to find the father or mother within
  • Become aware of the models you’ve inherited
  • The importance of mentorship and your environment
WORKSHOP #2 - The Second Threshold: Transcending the Tribe
  • Understand the nature of beliefs and belief systems
  • Identify your blind spots
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Discover new empowering models
  • Learn daily rituals that will help install those new models

When: November 19, 2017
Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Toronto: Wu Xing Martial Arts Studio
Tickets: $22.00

WORKSHOP #3 - The Third Threshold: Defying Your Fears
  • What is fear and what is its function?
  • The physical, emotional, and psychological effects of fear
  • How to move from fear to flow
  • Effective strategies for dealing with fear
WORKSHOP #4 - The Fourth Threshold: Beyond the Body
  • How separating from the physical leads to alignment with the spiritual
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Developing present moment awareness and perspective
WORKSHOP #5 - The Final Frontier: Putting it all Together
  • Taking stock of the journey
  • Realizing what’s important
  • Understanding the role your character plays
  • Group Exercise and letters of commitment

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Elan Divon


Toronto: Wu Xing Martial Arts Studio

LA/Venice/Santa Monica: Venue TBA

2018 Dates To Be Announced.

Tickets on sale soon!

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How is The Spark different from other workshops?

An acoustic performance versus a rock concert
We limit the number of participants to ensure that everyone has the space and comfort to speak up, share, open, and receive personal attention. This is about quality, not quantity.

You’ll have a group of likeminded people to lean on for support after the program ends. You will also be matched up with an “accountability partner”: someone you’ll check in with once a week to monitor and share your progress and challenges.

You’ll learn a new “system” of personal development based on thousands of years of human experience; one that will allow you to clearly identify the forces that are holding you back, and break through them.

What happens during a typical session?

A typical session consists of an informal presentation, combined with discussion in pairs and as a group, the occasional individual exercise and a group meditation.

What kind of people attend The Spark?

People of all ages, backgrounds and persuasions: Essentially, anyone looking to better themselves, up their game, and develop their potential. We attract entrepreneurs, young professionals, retirees, Millennials looking for their passion, or not satisfied with their current job; or people looking to breakthrough a fear or a phobia holding them back.