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Clarity. Mindset. Rituals. Results.

Elan Divon Personal Mentor

Thank you for connecting! 

I’m thrilled you are here and look forward to learning more about you and your goals and how we can make them a reality. I’ve been helping people and organization realize their potential for over 15 years, and would love to do the same with you. Let’s work together and take that first step.

Work with me if

  • You’re at a cross-roads and unsure of your path and purpose
  • Have difficulty following through on your goals
  • You feel stuck and unsatisfied with your current job
  • You are tired of being paralyzed by fear
  • You want more out of life and feel a burning to achieve more, love more and BE more!

The Benefits


Save time, effort, and money by making sure you are climbing the right ladder and working towards goals that reflect YOUR authentic aspirations and are aligned with your core values.


Gain from thousands of years of human experience drawn from Elan’s research at Harvard, Brandeis, McGill and other top universities, compressed into a revolutionary personal development system called “Initiation.”

Track Record

Work with a mentor who has a proven track record; from launching a global venture on NASDAQ, to working with some of the greatest minds and influencers on the planet, and running his own non-profit organization.

Elan is taking on a select number of clients for 2018.

Consultations and mentorship are available via Skype or phone, and in person for select cities including Toronto and Los Angeles.

A few words on the approach…

  • Clarity

  • Without a goal, how will you score? We’ll develop clarity on what you want in life, where you are going, and most importantly, why? You’ll develop a clear vision for your life and set up micro goals and a plan to help get you there.
  • Mindset

  • If you don’t believe in yourself no-one else will. We will work to identify hidden beliefs that are holding you back, and replace them with beliefs that empower and move you forward. You’ll also learn to manage fear, build your confidence, and grow your courage muscle.
  • Rituals

  • Rituals bring results. Period. Together, we are going to incorporate daily practices into your life that build character, a winning mindset, and most importantly, credibility with yourself. It’s going to feel AMAZING!
  • Results

  • As you take action towards your goals, you will begin to feel momentum, see progress, and get results. Action and execution is the name of the game.
There’s never a right time to do a great thing.
You’ve got to create that time, and that opportunity.
And the time is NOW.

Schedule an introductory consultation with Elan.

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