Knowledge is Power…

If you act upon it

Speaking Topics

Accelerating personal growth * The art of change * Finding your purpose * Innovation and Entrepreneurship  * Cultivating Leadership
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Groups Elan has addressed include

“Elan is a brilliant young man and emerging leader whose wisdom and insight will benefit future generations.”
Deepak Chopra
Melanie Novis
“Passionate. Original. Powerful. Enlightening. That’s Elan Divon.”
Melanie Novis,
Award Winning Speech Consultant & Author
“Elan delivered a superb presentation at our Tiger 21 meeting in Toronto. Elan has an extraordinary ability to see things that other people don’t – and bring value, intelligence, and inspiration in the process.”
Thane Stenner,
Managing Director and Founding Member, TIGER 21 Canada


The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship

Mapping ancient wisdom teachings onto the modern business world, this presentation unpacks the entrepreneurial spirit and explores five key principles successful entrepreneurs have followed since time immemorial. Discovery why these principles work and learn how to integrate them into your life and business with specific tools and strategies.

* Geared toward business leaders and CEOs as well as students and budding entrepreneurs.

The Initiation Master Class

Discover the key to all human change and transformation, understand the specific actions needed to get there, and the four thresholds you must cross in order to breakthrough to your highest, most powerful self. You’ll also develop clarity around your goals, purpose, and motivations, and be inspired to take action!

Preparing for Success

Discover five powerful teachings that will set you up for success. We’ll explore what it takes to disrupt an unhealthy status quo, how to become significant and develop a winning mindset, and how to turn your passion into a life long career.

* Highly recommended for young professionals and students

The Myth of Positive Thinking

A presentation that will challenge your views of positive thinking! We explore the biblical theme of ‘exile’ as the blueprint not only for the transformation and triumph of mythic heroes and religious icons, but a key ingredient in the making of modern day leaders, successful businesses, breakthrough ideas, and winning political campaigns.