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"A bootcamp for your soul"

"A game changer!"



If you are tired of hitting a wall, tired of being paralyzed by fear, or are looking for greater purpose, your soul mate, your next career move, or have had enough of the same old status quo – this workshop series was MADE FOR YOU.

People don’t change because they ‘see the light.’ People change because they feel the fire, the heat. Knowing what it takes to accomplish your goals won’t get you the results. There are a lot of people who want to lose weight or quit smoking, or live a healthier lifestyle but seldom do. You need a trigger. Something that compels you to action. That ignites a fire within.


This workshop series will give you one. Consider The Spark a boot-camp for your soul. Its a workshop series that will allow you to see what’s holding you back while giving you tools and the strategies to push right through it!


Everything you’ve learned about who you are and what you are capable of has been handed to you by other people: Your parents, your community, your culture, your current job, coupled with your own (learned) limiting belief systems hold you in a ‘fixed horizon of possibility.’

Breaking through these limiting models is the first step towards transformation. With The Spark, you will discover four models that hold all people back. You will also learn the most important action needed in order to break-through them.

Over seven workshops we will identify these four models (or barriers) that are holding you back, work on the skills and character traits you’ll need to overcome them, and develop strategies as well as tools for moving your life in the direction of your authentic aspirations and dreams.

We are going to break-through to the greatest you!


You will never be as young as you are NOW.
This is not a dry run or a dress rehearsal.
This is YOUR LIFE.
And you can change it.
Let’s take that first step…
Workshop 1 The Initiation Master Class: The Art of Change

In this introductory workshop, participants define and set personal goals for the program. We then explore the universal sequence of change and transformation and the #1 action each of us must take to affect lasting change in our lives. We look at how this sequence mirrors traditional passage rites, and identify four thresholds that must be crossed on the road to growth and transformation.

  • Introduction, welcome, and ice breakers
  • Setting goals and focusing on what participants want to change.
  • Discovering the internal engine of change.
  • ‘Separation’ as the foundational act in all creation.
  • A brief discussion on purpose, along with individual exercise to help participants tease out and hone their sense of purpose.
  • Goal setting: Establishing micro-goals and a short term action plan
  • Learning character building rituals
  • Pairing up participants for the duration of the program and beyond.
  • Participants begin developing their ‘Life Vision Statement’ and ‘Life GPS.’
Workshop 2 The First Threshold: Father and Family

The greatest influence on the child is the unfulfilled dreams of the parent. Carl Jung

Our parents have a major influence on our lives. Growing up, they literally represent our worlds, our reality, and our horizon of possibility. From the moment we are born we instinctively model our parents and learn about ourselves through the prism of their beliefs, actions, and mental models. But how can we transcend the models of our parents to find our own path and potential? How can we move beyond the forms of our creators to find our own spark? In this workshop we find out.

Drawing upon narratives in world mythology, history and pop-culture, we discuss the need to move past the psychological conditioning of our parents to live a life that is authentic and real, and not a re-run.

  • We explore the theme of separation from the father in world mythology, its repetition in our modern myths and finally, in the lives of the greatest influencers in human history. Why does the theme exist?
  • We learn how separating from the father or mother is a prerequisite to finding the father / mother within, (Carl Jung’s individuation process).
  • No separation? No problem. The Isaac archetype: continuation of a legacy as opposed to the creation of a new one.
  • How to seek out mentors and positive role models.
  • The importance of belief.
Workshop 3 The Second Threshold: Transcending the Tribe

In this workshop, we explore where beliefs come from, how they are formed, and how they unconsciously influence our behavior and shape our reality. We learn how to discard beliefs that don’t serve us –while replacing them with ones that do. We’ll also look at the most important belief of all, the belief in our own worthiness – and how to stop giving away our power by not allowing others to determine our worth.

  • Understanding the nature of beliefs and belief systems.
  • Individual Exercise: mapping core beliefs.
  • Accepting the only belief that really matters: our own self-worthiness.
  • External validation vs. internal validation.
  • Learning to detect and prevent inner negativity, and discard limiting beliefs.
  • Group exercise and reflection.
Workshop 4 The Third Threshold: Defying Our Fears

Fear serves an important function in our lives: It illuminates the place where our power lies and points us in the direction of our greatest opportunity for personal growth. It many cases, our fear holds the key to our life ‘purpose.’ In this workshop we explore the mechanics of fear. We learn how to identify and understand its root causes and why we must separate from our comfort zone to embrace fear. Finally, we discover a step-by-step action plan to manage and progressively master fears.

  • What is fear physically and psychologically, and what is its function?
  • Participants openly discuss and share their fears
  • How to move from fear to flow.
  • Shifting our mindset: Excitement or nervousness? Diving or falling?
  • Five effective Strategies for dealing with fear
Workshop 5 The Fourth Threshold – Beyond the Body

Why does near death change a person’s life? Why do cancer survivors and those who stave off disease or accidents transform as a result of their experience? In this workshop we explore various accounts of ‘near death’ and the opportunity for transformation inherent within them. Building on Brene Brown’s TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, we then explore how physical vulnerability deepens our connectivity with our true selves because it strips us from that which we identify with externally; our physical body.

  • Accounts of near death / accidents / illness leading to renewed life.
  • Participants share and reflect on their own experiences.
  • How disease or near death shifts our perspective and what we identify with.
  • Separation from the physical leading to greater alignment with the spiritual
Workshop 6 The Final Frontier: Putting it all Together

We now bring all of our teachings and wisdom together to answer key life questions: What is success? How can I find happiness and maintain it more consistently? What is the meaning (or non-meaning) of life? And what are the necessary tools to get me to my “promised land”? We now learn about the most important ingredient to achieving success, namely our character, and explore how to cultivate and build character through daily practices, rituals, and lifestyle modifications. As such, we discover that initiations are not about some ‘trophy’ we receive, treasure we find, company we build or partner we marry—but rather the person we become as a result of the process.

  • The marshmallow test: Character is king
  • A new metric for success
  • Extrinsic vs. intrinsic goals
  • Struggle vs. surrender, and service vs. significance.Understanding the key ingredients of a meaningful life.
  • Vision statement ceremony and letter of commitments.
  • VIP exercise
September 22, 2018
3:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Benefits & Results
1) Understand what it takes to create lasting change in your life.
2) Boost your self-confidence, resourcefulness, and resilience by transforming your mindset.
3) Develop clarity of purpose and a clear vision for your life, and learn rituals that will condition your mind and body for success.
4) Join a community of likeminded people and develop friendships and a support system that will last well beyond the program.
5) Enhance your impact, influence, and eventual earning power.
6) Manage stress and find deeper fulfillment in life by focusing on intrinsic rather than extrinsic goals.
7) Harness fear and anxiety as a powerful tool for personal growth.
Frequently Asked Questions
How is The Spark different from other workshops?

An acoustic performance versus a rock concert
We limit the number of participants to ensure that everyone has the space and comfort to speak up, share, open, and receive personal attention. This is about quality, not quantity.

You’ll have a group of likeminded people to lean on for support after the program ends. You will also be matched up with an “accountability partner”: someone you’ll check in with once a week to monitor and share your progress and challenges.

You’ll learn a new “system” of personal development based on thousands of years of human experience; one that will allow you to clearly identify the forces that are holding you back, and break through them.

What happens during a typical session?

A typical session consists of an informal presentation, combined with discussion in pairs and as a group, the occasional individual exercise and a group meditation.

What kind of people attend The Spark?

People of all ages, backgrounds and persuasions: Essentially, anyone looking to better themselves, up their game, and develop their potential. We attract entrepreneurs, young professionals, retirees, Millennials looking for their passion, or not satisfied with their current job; or people looking to breakthrough a fear or a phobia holding them back.

“Elan has created an extraordinary workshop on how to live a more awakened and purpose-driven life. He’s packed thousands of years of ancient wisdom into a program that gives clarity, confidence, and a road map for success and spiritual transformation. Powerful! And a must!”

Pamela London – Los Angeles

“Elan has been an amazing coach in this self improvement journey. He is a very assertive, kind and wise mentor who helped us emerge into our better selves.”

Osmary T., Toronto

“This workshop is a game changer! I can’t recommend it more highly!”

John Venatas, Toronto

“All the tools and wisdom I gained from Elan’s workshops have helped me evolve, grow and develop a self awareness and mindset that helps me stay positive and excited about my future. I’ve disconnected from unhealthy relationships, faced my fears, and am on my way to achieving my career goals. It’s been amazing!”

Europe Jama, Toronto

“Elan’s passion and energy are contagious and are reflected in everything he does. A rising star, those who have the opportunity to meet and hear Elan immediately recognize his wisdom and impact!”

Ambassador Haile Menkerios, Under Secretary General of the United Nations

“Elan has an approach and style you won’t find anywhere else. He’s as smart as they come, bringing his knowledge of ancient wisdom and comparative religion to bear on the most important life and career questions. Go see Elan – he is amazing!”

Phil Daniels, Los Angeles

“Elan’s ability to bridge between spirituality, entrepreneurship, and innovation is uncanny. He is an inspiring and thought-provoking presenter with a message you need to hear. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!”

Kathy Gardarian, Newport Beach CA